DanceSteps Competition-Mystery Blogger Strikes Again!

The school was out in force last Sunday for our own competition and this time we have a report from a “Mystery Blogger”. A valuable prize awaits the first person to correctly post the Blogger’s name.


“It was a grand day out for the Duesbury Aldreds on the special occasion of mothers day, with a chance of a slightly longer lie in, seeing as the location of the venue was at Long Eaton, West Park Leisure Centre where each competitor strutted out the car all done up, hair, makeup and not forgetting the tans! Despite the fact I went with out one this week, nevertheless each and everyone one of us was ready to compete and present our delightful dancing. Many new starters also twirled onto the dance floor and successfully danced whilst being well supported along with the other competitors, and supporters which created an encouraging atmosphere which everyone could thrive off.
My personal element of the day was the sequence events where many of us performed Waverley Two Step and straight afterwards in contrast to this, Sindy Swing, having to change the theme of each dance in less than thirty seconds whilst both competitors and partners quickly grabbed a breath when we had the chance, to endeavour a place in the recalls, leading to the finals.
Not forgetting about the little ones dancing either the Boston Two Steps and the the even smaller ones immaculately performing 3 Walks and Points, literally climbing to the podium and thrilled to receive an award!
Not too long afterwards, once the many trophies and medals were awarded for ballroom and sequence, we had a raffle. Two of our fabulous ladies selling the raffle tickets and then the lucky ones of us going up and collecting one of the many 21 prizes we had! Many thanks to everyone that brought raffle prizes, it was very thoughtful and I also won one!
Latin was next, where everyone looked exquisite and prepared for the busy afternoon, and had the opportunities to show your unknown personalities off, both on the dance floor and during “Reaching for the stars” everyone loved it, even Bruno!
The mums got the dance fever and got up on the dance floor, I personally hoped they didn’t have to dance because I had no hope with my mother dancing! Sorry mum, however they went up to earn a bottle of wine instead for their special day and all of them came off smiling however I knew some of them were secretly disappointed!
Speaking from my behalf, everyone had a great day thanks to the two people that can generate this to happen, Robert and Louise we are all very grateful and well done to everyone, you’re all stars.”
Thank you to our reporter, can you guess who it is????

19 thoughts on “DanceSteps Competition-Mystery Blogger Strikes Again!”

  1. How many votes are allowed? have actually read it this time so happy to have another guess.

  2. Who’s the mystery chocolate egg eater?
    Here’s a clue – yum yum yum 🙂
    Love Neil & Carla XX

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