What a Party!

The NATD couples competition this year happened to coincide with Dennis’s Birthday this year so what better way to celebrate than at a dance competition amongst friends? NATD 5

This time we had a number of couples competing: Molly & Olivia, Josh & Grace, Craig & Lydia, Emily & Madeleine, Andrew and Dawn, Dennis & Sue and a new partnership for this competition of Chris & Allison.

We began in fine style in the ballroom events with wins in all of the seven events in which we had couples dancing. Molly & Olivia won all three of their events, Josh and Grace won both of theirs and Emily & Madeleine and Andy & Dawn both won one of their events.

NATD 1A recent addition to the programme was the Non Competing Adult paired with a Junior Quickstep competition. Molly paired up with Caroline and were placed first whilst Olivia teamed up with Martin and came second a great performance from you all, the icing on the cake some would say!

Next came the Sequence events and again we won both events through Molly & Olivia and Josh & Grace. In the Adult event all our couples made the final with Craig & Lydia finishing a creditable second Andy &  Dawn third, Emily & Madeleine and Dennis & Sue tieing for fifth and Chris and Allison a respectable seventh.

The Latin events followed and Olivia & Molly lead the way with two firsts and a second. Josh and Grace had two firsts, Craig and Lydia two thirds, Emily & Madeleine a second and sixth, Andy & Dawn a first and a fourth, Denis & Sue a second and Chris & Allison a third.IMG_1604

A sparkling performance from the whole team then, one to which the opposition “couldn’t hold a candle”. It was all a piece of cake really and that was pretty good too, even the bears felt a bit stuffed afterwards (groan!!!)



3 thoughts on “What a Party!”

  1. Really enjoyed the competition and dancing with Allison. My favourite part was the ballroom competition with Waltz and Tango. The birthday cake was also lovely although it has taken 24 hours for my blood sugars to return to normal.

  2. Looks like you all had a great day. Well done to Caroline and Martin. Sad I missed out on the cake. Well done to you all.

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