Cake By The Ocean

It was the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the NATD North Eastern Area competitions, first held at Scarborough and then at Whitby and in order to celebrate this a cake was presented to the Area Committee and shared amongst the participants at this year’s event.

img_1727We had a small team in action consisting of Paul & Karen, Craig & Lydia, Andy & Dawn and Dennis & Sue (and Boris of course). What we lacked in quantity however we certainly made up for in quality. Paul & Karen were placed 1st in all five of their events, Dennis & Sue came 1st in two of their events and Dennis also won the Adult and Child Quickstep with a junior from another school. Andy, Paul and Karen were placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively in this event also.

Craig & Lydia were 2nd in three of their events albeit to Paul & Karen and Andy and Dawn also had three 2nd places. In those events where all four couples were entered they took the first four places and likewise in those events where two of them were entered they were placed first and second.

In fact the only slight glitch in proceedings was the Adult and Juvenile Cha Cha Cha event in which Paul was placed highest but could only manage a 4th place!!

Anyway the highlight of the day was of course the visit to the Magpie Cafe afterwards for fish and chips, what better way to round off a great day.

Boris of course has a busy couple of weeks ahead, there is the Sequence Championships in Blackpool commencing this weekend and then shortly afterwards, The ISTD Grand Finals on 4th and 5th of November. He says he is very excited to see you all dancing your very best and looks forward to an enjoyable, if exhausting fortnight.

Look out for further reports.

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