British Sequence Championships 2015

This week found us in Blackpool for the first of our two visits this month. This time it was for the British Sequence Championships, the most prestigious date in the sequence calendar.Blackpool 4

Leila was first into action on the Saturday, competing in the juvenile Liberty Two Step in which she finished 2nd, a feat she also repeated later on in the Fylde Waltz competition. A great outcome for her first visit to this event.

The following day saw most of our adult competitors in action, Liam & Alex, Stuart & Andrea, Dawn & Andy, Carla & Neil and Dennis & Sue. Dawn & Andy and Carla & Neil were all recalled to their semi-final and Stuart and Andrea finished 4th in the Senior Classical Sequence Championship. Unfortunately Liam Blackpool 2ahad not been well all the week before but showing great fortitude, rather than withdrawing, he battled on and in the end they finished a creditable 3rd.

Monday saw the Over 35 years Classical Sequence competition and IMG_1332IMG_1329three of our couples were in action once again all dancing their best in the fabulous Empress Ballroom. Inspired by this iconic venue both Dawn & Andy and Sue & Dennis made the final finishing 5th and 7th respectively, a great achievement. Carla and Neil reached the semi-final, narrowly missing out on a place in the final. Monday is also the day of the Inventive Dance competition in which Louise and I won the Classical Sequence section with the Houston Tango taking our total number of wins at this event to 14 (a new record!)

IMGP6049aAll too soon it was the final day of the Championships and in action on the Tuesday were: Luke and Sophie in the Professional Classical Sequence Championship, Liam & Alex in the Amateur Classical Sequence Championship and Stuart & Andrea in the Senior Modern Sequence all dancing to the terrific, live music of the Empress Orchestra. Who could not help but be inspired in these circumstances, to give their best and they all did just that. Stuart and Andrea once again finished 4th in their event, Liam & Alex won their event for the third consecutive time equalling the current record. Luke & Sophie also won their event, reaching the pinnacle of their careers to date to become the coveted British Professional Classical Sequence Champions. The treated us all to a lovely, stylish demonstration of this style in the classic manner in which it should be danced. IMGP6054a

All the ladies dresses were amazing and the men didn’t look too shabby either!! As usual everyone showed great support for each other and shared in the triumphs and disappointments of the others and of course a little civilized celebration was in order afterwards.

IMGP6058aIMGP6055aAll too soon it was time to return home but we could all bask in the warm glow of another highly successful weekend, one which we hope to emulate when we return next week. Congratulations to all involved and needless to say we are proud of you all.


IMG_1322It seems like a long time since we had a school outing and so it was with great excitement that some of our couples set forth to Whitby to gain some pre Blackpool experience. Many of our dancers look forward to the competitions at Whitby, held in the fabulous Spa ballroom perched high on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

We had five couples competing: Andy and Dawn, Dennis & Sue, Paul & Karen, Josh & Grace and Craig & Lydia. Unfortunately Louise and I were adjudicating near Durham so we didn’t arrive until later in the day, just in time to see the Latin.

Josh and Grace, dancing in their first competition together since Grace turned 16 in August, had an exceptional day winning all five of their competitions. We look forward to their continued success in the future. Andy & Dawn were placed first in both of the senior finals with Dennis & Sue placed second. Paul & Karen made all of their finals receiving 2nd, 3rd, two 4th’s and a 5th placings.

Unfortunately a few days before the competition Lydia tore a muscle in her shoulder. However she was still keen to compete although the injury naturally impaired their performance. Nevertheless they still made all of their semi finals and managed a 5th place in the Samba competition. It just goes to show the dedication of all our dancers and their determination to not allow set backs get in the way.

An enjoyable and successful day was had by all and of course a trip to Whitby would not be complete without a visit to the Magpie Cafe for local fish and chips!

Of course we have many activities on the horizon and Boris and the Bears have been busy making sure that all preparations are complete for the coming weeks. Firstly we have the British Sequence Championships at Blackpool followed two weeks later by the ISTD Grand Finals also in Blackpool, in which most people are involved either as competitors or supporters. I am sure both will be great weekends and we hope to be able to report further achievements.

We then have the Medal Day in December followed quickly by Strictly George Spencer and then the Christmas Party to round of the year.

There is plenty to look forward to, so watch this space for further reports.