We are in the midst of a very busy period for competitions and last weekend the outing was to Pudsey in Leeds. It was a large turn-out with nearly a complete squad, eager to get valuable qualifying places.
The day started with the children’s sequence events. In the Juvenile section Grace S came 5th and in the Junior’s Olivia and Jack made the semi-final and Molly came 6th in the final. Both these events had large entries, so very well done to everyone.

In the children’s ballroom and Latin events everyone qualified in their events. In their respective age groups in ballroom Luke came 2nd, Grace 2nd, Leila 1st, Olivia 2nd, Jack 3rd and Molly 2nd. In Latin, Luke won, Grace S came 2nd again, Leila 1st again, Jack 2nd, Olivia 3rd and Molly 2nd again.

As many of them as possible paired up for the couples and with very little practice very good results were achieved. Luke & Grace won the Jive, Jack & Leila also won their Jive & came 5th in the Quickstep. Olivia & Molly decided to reverse roles this week in the Quickstep and came 4th and 2nd in the Jive.

As we were running to time the organiser decided to add a fun event, you had to have a partner with at least a five year age gap and the test dances were determined as the event progressed. Not sure what they were letting themselves in for, Jack & Karly, Olivia & Grace S, Sarah & Leila and Luke & Molly took to the floor. By the end of the final they had danced a Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Tango and Paso Doble, both dancing Man and Lady roles. Along with a Freestyle dance. IMG_1588The very delighted winners were Luke and Molly. Whilst great fun to watch, it’s one of those experiences which I define as ‘character building’ for those taking part. So very well done to you all.

It was now time for the adult events, which started with the sequence and there were more competitors in these events than I have seen for some considerable time. In the under 35 years we had eight dancers of which Emily and Josh made the semi final and Grace P, the final, with a well deserved 4th place. In the over 35 years, Karen won with the remaining places going to Serena, Carla, Neil and Chris respectively. In the over 50 years, semi final places went to Sue and Hazel. In the final Andy came 2nd, Allison 3rd, Christine 4th and Dennis 6th.
In the individual ballroom and Latin sections there were wins for Grace P, Chris, Lydia, Serena, Carla, Karen H, Neil, Andy, Geraldine, Christine, Karen C and Allison.

We also had success in the couples with a few new pairings – Craig & Lydia, Chris & Sarah, Karly & Emily, Dennis & Sue, Serena & Allison, Paul & Karen, Josh & Grace P and Neil & Carla. All danced their routines well and all performances were lifted by our vocal supporters group.

As always, we were very proud of the whole team. You all looked delightful, tried your hardest and had an immaculate floor presence. Once again a big thank you to everyone who helped with partnering, especially Liam and Alex. Praise also to those of you who work just as hard in the background – chauffeuring, cheering, dressing, feeding, encouraging and nurturing – you are all essential members of the team.

We now have a two whole weeks before the next outing, which is our competition at Long Eaton.

See you there.

St Valentines Day – Competition

IMG_1572a14th February might mean Valentine’s Day to most people but this year, for our team, it meant a trip to Whitwick for valuable sequence qualifying opportunities.

This competition is slightly different to most because it is purely for the sequence three dance events and also there is an audience of dancers who just go along for the day to support the events.

Whilst our team was missing a few regular members we saw the welcome return of others and we were very proud of the overall display you all put on, both in terms of your dancing quality and beautiful appearances.

The results were also excellent. Grace S achieved a hard fought 2nd in the Juvenile event. Molly a 2nd, Leila a 3rd and Olivia 5th in the Junior. An excellent achievement, especially for Leila who was dancing in her first junior event since reaching the age of 12.

In the under 35years, Emily S had an excellent result by winning, with Lydia 2nd, Sarah 3rd, Paul 5th, Craig 6th and Karly 7th. In the over 35years we had a clean sweep with Elizabeth, Karen H, Serena, Neil and Chris respectively making the line-up. In the over 50years Allison was 1st, Iris 2nd, Geraldine 3rd, Karen C 5th and Hazel 6th.

Overall, we are almost there in terms of the whole team being qualified for Blackpool in the sequence events – and it’s only February.

A big thank-you must also go to those who partnered, many as well as competing for themselves, Luke, Ruth, Claire, Karen and Molly. It couldn’t happen without you.

No time to rest, this Sunday sees a drive North to Pudsey for both individuals and couples in ballroom, Latin and Sequence. IMG_1576a