NATD Medallist Event – Daventry

Last Sunday, saw a trip south to Daventry for the NATD medallist event. On arriving at the sports hall it quickly became apparent we were in for a tough day as there was a bumper turnout of schools this year. Not deterred everyone got ready for the first challenges of the day. Unusually, we had the Latin American events first which meant straight into the faster rhythms to wake us all up on a Sunday morning. IMG_1649a

The largest event was the 8-9yrs pre-bronze girls, where four rounds had to be danced. Fearn did well to make the semi-final and Grace S made the final coming 6th. Overall we achieved ten first places in the Latin individuals – these were Leila, Olivia, Karly, Grace P, Allison, Karen H, Jack, Josh, Tony and Andy. Well done to all of you and also to the other remaining finalists, who all gave a good performance.

As it was an NATD event, most people were dancing at a higher grade than at the other medallist competitions and quite a few new routines were being trialled for the first time. Congratulations to all of you, on securing your new steps and still maintaining a high level of performance. IMG_1650a

Onto the Latin couples events. Again the Juvenile event had the largest entry where Miriam & Grace S had three rounds of Samba to make the semi-final. Although, Jack & Leila had a straight final they fought off all competition to win their Jive event, and Molly & Olivia were recalled to their final and came a creditable 4th. Karly & Emily S danced a lively Samba to come 3rd in the Adult All Ladies. In the Adult Gentleman/Lady Jive event, we had seven couples, of which Josh & Grace P, Paul & Karen and Craig & Lydia made the final, being placed 1st, 5th & 6th respectively.

IMG_1653aIt was then time for the team match. This year the team comprised of Miriam & Grace dancing Waltz, Jack & Leila Rumba and Josh & Grace P Tango. All dancers performed their very best and everyone else cheered them on. The team mascot bears particularly love this event as they get to join in the team parade. Unfortunately, only the winning team is announced and this year it was not to be us but it must have been a close run competition.

It was then onto the Ballroom individual events. This time we had eight 1st places. These were awarded to Miriam, Leila, Grace P, Allison, Craig, Chris, Josh & Andy. Again, new routines were on display and they were all performed without any major traumas.

The final events of the day were the all important Ragtime Swing IMG_1654aevents. Miriam & Grace S were first to perform and again had the most competition. They had five rounds to get to the final and they came a hard fought 3rd. Very well done. In the Junior section, Molly & Olivia and Jack & Leila had three rounds to get to their final. Molly & Olivia came 2nd , whilst Jack & Leila were 3rd, so close to getting their hands on the trophy! In the last section, the Adult event, we fielded 10 couples. After three rounds we were down to two couples in the final, Josh & Grace P and Paul & Karen. The pressure was certainly being felt at this point because Josh has won this event every time he’s competed for it, since its inception. Was it going to happen again? By this time there were a few tense looking parents, I think they were sharing the pressure. But, worry not Josh & Grace P were announced the winners, so the trophy was back in safe hands for another year.

IMG_1658aIt was a long day but hopefully everyone felt it was worthwhile. Whether it was for a win, a final place trophy, an extra recall to last year, a chance to practice a new routine or perhaps for a fun day out with good music and company! Whatever, your own personal goal, Boris and the bears certainly enjoyed their re-union. Thank you to you all for your continued commitment and dedication.

Now it’s onward to exams in May and then two major competitions in June.