Chesterfield – Summer Comes to an Abrupt End!

The summer holiday’s are turning into a distant memory and the new term begins. This is one of the busiest and most exciting term’s on the calendar and it kicked off on Sunday with our sequence couples competition in Chesterfield.

The morning was given over to the children’s events and whilst we only had one couple representing the school they did a sterling job. In a couple of their events, Jack and Leila were the only competitors so had to perform their test dances on their own. A daunting task for some but Jack and Leila rose to the occasion and put on a lovely show for the audience.

Then it was into the afternoon session and the turn of the adults. In this part of the day we had great representation across all the grades. In the amateur classical sequence and modern sequence events Josh and Grace put on a great display to be awarded second place. In the senior classical sequence and modern sequence, Stuart and Andrea performed well to also secure two second places. In the under 35yrs social classical sequence, Paul and Karen were awarded second with Craig and Emily close behind in third. In the over 35yrs classical sequence, Neil and Carla were second, Andrew and Dawn third, Dennis and Sue fourth and, making their sequence debut, Chris and Allison were sixth.

These places were largely maintained in the social modern sequence event.

There was also a little time for some fun events. Josh made one little girls day by winning the two step fun event with her. In the adult fun event we had intense rivalry which culminated in Stuart winning and Andrea coming second (I have the feeling we may be hearing about this for some time to come!).

Another first, was that Luke adjudicated his first Chesterfield event, which was a very proud moment.

Finally, days like this do not run themselves and we would like to thank Ruth, Joan,  Allison, Dawn, Janice and Brian for their crucial contributions.

Moving forward we have a period of intense work prior to the two main Blackpool events in October and November……exciting times…..