The Mystery Blogger Returns

Well, what can be said about the June competition at West Park? ….. lots of things were as usual:

Lovely sunny weather

Smiling faces greeting people at the door

Really good music for the dancers

Enthusiastic support from family and friends (does Andy go home with sore hands after all his encouraging clapping?)

A beautiful turn out dress-wise – some of the girls and ladies in newly acquired outfits for the day

Selfless partnering by many experienced dancers

A good feeling of team spirit and friendliness

Craig winning several raffle prizes although Catherine was almost as successful this time

 So, on to the important part after a long morning’s ballroom and sequence dancing – the all-important wait for the numbers. Here they come, 2-0 then some presentations of trophies, 4-0 and some medals to be won. On to the latin american dancing but still more numbers coming, 6-0 and eventually 6-1 pleasing all the England fans gathered there. 

Everyone received their placings graciously except perhaps one. Our youngest competitor broke into tears as she approached the podium. What was the matter? Was she overwhelmed? Didn’t want a medal, wouldn’t smile for the cameras? None of these, no she wanted to do it on her own and Daddy had helpfully accompanied her. Leave her to it next time Paul!  

Another lovely day’s dancing is over for this year. Back to the practice room now for the next stage of our dancing journey, whatever that might be.


Dancesteps June 2018

Yesterday was an event I look forward to on the annual calendar – our competition at Westpark. I always think it’s lovely to get everyone together, a chance for those who don’t compete so often to take to the floor and experience the buzz of performing. Also to provide a platform for our more experienced dancers to rise to the challenge of partnering. The physical and mental challenge of, ensuring you are on the dance floor at the correct time, with the correct partner, dancing the correct routines. It’s not as easy as they make it look.

It is also an opportunity for dancers to invite friends and family along to witness the spectacle and gain an insight into our mad and amazing world of ballroom dancing.

As always you were all brilliant, displaying a beautiful balance of competitive determination to win and team spirit.

In terms of results, there were numerous personal achievements, recalls, final places and winners. Today, those securing a first place were:-

In the Ballroom – Josh & Grace, Neil & Carla, Paige & Shanae, Tommy, Chloe, Isobel, Paige, Jack, Olivia, Molly, Chris, Allison and Craig.

In the Sequence – Josh & Grace, Tommy, Chloe, Isobel, Jack, Emily, Neil and Carla

In the Latin American – Josh & Grace, Paul & Karen, Paige & Shanae, Chloe, Isobel, Jack, Olivia, Emily, Kathryn, Allison, Olivia and Molly.

The day would not have happened without our team of helpers. Jean and Maria on the door, Joan collecting tickets, Rob & Debbie selling the raffle tickets, Julie & Andrew keeping Robert company on the stage with scrutineering and music. Thank you to you all.

Also, of course to our partners, who may have some sore legs today. Those who partner, do so of course for the sheer fun and enjoyment of being able to dance on the competition floor. But, for any of you who may be slightly competitive. The score board of winning places your partners achieved was – Liam 8, Josh 6, Louise 5, Alex 3, Molly 1, Craig 1, Jack 1, Carla 1, Neil 1. Along with Ruth, Grace, Emily, Olivia, Karen, Dawn and Andy, whose partners achieved final placings.

Boris had a lovely day catching up with his chums and of course it would be remiss not to give a welcome return to Richard, who many of you will remember. Although, he has moved away from the area he made the trip back yesterday with his new dance partner.

As is now tradition at our events, we had a mystery blogger amongst you. Their report will be posted shortly so in the meantime you can start to think about who it could be this time.

We sincerely hope all of you attending had an enjoyable day.

We have a slight opportunity to ‘catch our breath now’ until the sequence couples event at the beginning of July and the medallist qualifying competition at Castleford on 15th July.


ISTD Sequence Festival

June heralds a busy time in the school starting with the ISTD Sequence day at West Park. Once again the team was out in force along with our loyal supporters and of course the mascot team led by chief mascot, Boris.

It was also the day we met Rosie for the first time, our newest (and youngest) follower.

As usual everyone tried their hardest to give a good account of themselves and although some events were


lighter on entries than others, there was still some quality competition to dance against.  There were many finalist but in the winners enclosure today were: Ellie, Paige, Charlotte B, Grace S, Grace P, Serena, Hazel, Josh, Karen, Carla, Shanae, Tony and Paul. In the couples sections,







Grace and Isobel came first with Chloe and Ellie third in their section. Josh and Grace, Paul and Karen, Molly and Emily and Craig and Karly filled the first four places in their event in that order. Andrew and Dawn, Dennis and Sue, Neil and Carla and Chris and Serena also took the top four places in their event.

By far the largest event of the day was the Adult and Child, Tango Serida competition. Over twenty couples were battling for a top six finish and making it to the final were Josh and Paige who came first closely followed by Jack and Molly in second. Third place went to Paul, dancing with a young lady from another school and Carla, likewise dancing with a young man from another school, finished 4th. There was a tie for sixth place between Andrew and Grace and Dennis and Chloe.

Of course we couldn’t do it without our partners, so once again thanks to Luke, Ruth, Liam and Alex along with those who competed and also partnered others; Karen, Josh, Grace and Emily. Not forgetting our volunteers for their assistance with the door and raffle; Jean, Rob and Debbie your help is appreciated. Finally, thank you to all our supporters for their dedication and enthusiasm.

There is not much time to recover now until our own competition at the end of June in the same venue, so we hope for a good turnout once again and we will also be joined once again by some of our less experienced competitors. I’m sure it will be great fun and Boris is already looking forward to it.

See you there.