The Mystery Blogger Strikes Back

The first Sunday in March meant the first Dancesteps competition of the year. So early, especially for all of us adult competitors who are used to a later start, on a grey and rainy day we found ourselves in Kirkby in Ashfield and for the first time, for many of us, at a new venue The Festival Hall.

The Duesbury Aldred Dance School was out in force with an impressive mix of dancers and spectators taking up the entire length of one side of the room. For some there was first competition nerves mingling in with the nerves of the more seasoned competitors but once the music started, we were off.

No one disappointed. We were thoroughly entertained with a fabulous display of dancing, in the individual sections, from the very youngest, special mention must go to little Olivia, to the oldest of the team. Everyone performing at their very best. And not forgetting those partnering who worked incredibly hard to help all the dancers shine even earning themselves the odd shiny face for their efforts.

Louise, who had luckily regained her voice, kept the competition moving along helped by many well-known faces and a new assistant who oversaw the music. Before we knew it, the couple’s competition was announced. This was the last of the categories for most of us, including myself, and we saw some new pairings alongside the familiar. Again, everyone worked really hard putting into practice all the training that goes on during the week.

Then came the presentations which represented another first. The rewarding of tokens to all the adult competitors who had made a final instead of a trophy. These are to be exchanged for donations to the charity we were able to vote for on the day. A fantastic idea that I hope will definitely be repeated.

The Dance School received great results, across all the age groups, with many of our competitors making a final. Well done to everybody. It is great to see all your hard work rewarded.

Last, but not least, the one thing that was not a first is the amazing support and enthusiastic cheering that our Dance School generates every time we have dancers on the floor. You all make it a pleasure to be part of.

I look forward to the next competition.

10 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Strikes Back”

  1. This is good but I haven’t many clues to go on. I’ll have to ponder some more.
    One thing occurs to me though – I might have been the oldest competitor on Sunday. Does anyone want to challenge me on this?!

  2. This one seems to be creating plenty of interest but keeeeeep guessing!! No one has identified the correct person yet.

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