NATD Latin Qualifier

Yesterday the team set forth to Daventry for the first of the NATD Blackpool qualifiers. There were some familiar faces along with some who were dipping their toe into this kind of event for the first time and all hoping to qualify for a place to dance at the iconic Blackpool Tower ballroom.

We have been to Daventry on previous occasions but not since it has been a qualifying event so it was a new experience for many. This time the events were for the Latin qualifiers with the ballroom ones being held later in the month. The standard is always quite high here particularly in the lower age groups and so all the juveniles who managed to qualify did particularly well.

Congratulations then to Phoebe, Lewie, Tabatha, April, Chloe, Brooke, Isobel, Paige, Grace S, Fearn, Brian, Heather, Sian, John, Carol, Kathryn, Georgina, Peter, Jack, Alison T, Chris, Serena, Karly, Paul, Carla, Allison, Neil, Karen, Xingye, Dawn, Andrew, Hazel, Debbie and Rosalind who all managed to secure their place at Blackpool.

As mentioned the largest entries were in the Juvenile age groups and so Phoebe did very well to make the final 10 with her Samba, a difficult dance at any age. Lewie secured fourth also with his samba and April and Tabatha finished second and fourth with their rumbas. Brooke and Chloe made it a one-two in their samba event by being placed first and second, Paige and Isobel, in their event secured second and third whilst Grace S had a “dance off” for her second place and Fearn finished fifth in the same event. There were first places today for Jack, Chris, Serena, Paul, Allison, Neil, Karen, Dawn, Andrew and Rosalind so well done to everyone who took part, there was a great team spirit as always and lots of support for all the team.

There followed the annual Ragtime Swing events which always have by far the largest entries and today was no exception with all three events requiring two heats and several recalls. Chloe and Brooke made it to the semi final of their event and Jack & Isobel finished second in their event with Paige and Grace not far behind in fourth. Paul & Karen made it to the final finishing second as did Andrew & Dawn who were placed fifth. No trophies this time but well done to everyone who took part particularly the impromptu partnerships.

Finally we made it to the ballroom couples events and once again the team enjoyed successes. April & Tabatha were second in their event as were Lewie and Phoebe. Chloe & Brooke were placed fourth in their event and Paige & Grace S were fifth with their quickstep. There were wins for Jack & Isobel, Paul & Karen and Andrew & Dawn with Chris & Serena and Peter & Carol securing second places in their events only being beaten by others from our school. Ellie & Kaitlyn narrowly missed out on winning the Rose Bowl by being placed second but danced their Cha Cha Cha very well together.

Thank you to all the supporters, it made for very enjoyable day and also to Luke for coming along to help with partnering.

Boris was pleased to see so many of his chums and was especially pleased to welcome new recruit Hector to the family and to hear that he was being well treated in his new home.

The next outing will be 28th April for “part two” make sure you don’t miss it.

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  1. Nice to return to Daventry and discover there are dancers whose jive is worse than mine. Thanks to Louise and Serena (with bunny ears and tail) for dancing with me. Lovely to see so many returning favourites and so many new faces!

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