Southport Easter Festival

Easter turned out to be a real scorcher this year and not just because we had four days of warm sunny weather but we were at the Southport Easter Festival with three days of action packed sequence competitions. The team this year consisted of Josh & Grace, Stuart & Andrea, Neil & Carla, Andrew & Dawn and Craig & Emma.

The competitions began about 2pm on Friday and we finished around 11.30pm on the Sunday night (not continually I might add) but nevertheless quite an endurance test for those who were spectating as well as the dancers.

Friday saw all couples in action with Craig & Emma winning both of their events closely followed by Neil & Carla in second place and Andrew & Dawn in fourth in the same events. Stuart & Andrea won one of their events and came second in the other whilst Josh & Grace finished fifth in their event. A good start to the weekend then, could it be repeated over the next two days?

Boris was pleased to see that Liam bear came along but was disappointed to see the neither Alexandra or Logan were in attendance. Some said that Alexandra had gone to Australia with her namesake but Boris thought this unlikely. the two Liam’s were able to console each other however at having been dumped by their respective partners!

The team were back in action on the Saturday and again won all of their events with Neil and Carla keeping them on their toes in second and Andrew & Dawn also made all of their finals as well. Stuart & Andrea were placed second in one of their events and third in the other two whilst Josh & Grace made all of their finals. Saturday night ended with a party which gave everyone a chance to mingle with fellow competitors and attendees away from the competitive environment and it was good to see all ages mixing together in this way, which is what the festivals are all about.

After a brief interlude for sleep we were back in action once again on the Sunday which began with a visit from The Easter Bunny (aka Louise). Today saw the revival of the Southport Eight Dance events which are a test of  both memory and stamina in addition to ability. Once again Craig & Emma took top honours with Carla & Neil in third and Andrew & Dawn in fifth. In the Senior eight dance event Stuart & Andre finished third whilst Josh & Grace were sixth in their event. Not only did the dancers have the eight dance events to contend with but they had other competitions as well with Craig & Emma repeating the, by now, familiar pattern of winning with Neil & Carla in second and Andrew & Dawn also making the final.

The finale of the weekend came with the open Latin sequence event which was a five dance event including the challenging Tauromachia Paso Doble. This proved quite a test for some of our dancers who nevertheless applied themselves and acquitted themselves admirably on the night. Josh & Grace finished third with Craig & Emma fourth, Neil & Carla fifth and Andrew & Dawn sixth.

We finally retired to the bar to relive the highlights and contemplate another highly enjoyable and successful weekend.

Boris also made some new friends, Gordon and Sybil, who he was very pleased to meet and hopes they may put in an appearance at future events.

“Boris in his penthouse suite”

No long to draw breath before the NATD qualifier next Sunday which hopefully will lead to another enjoyable and successful weekend in July. 

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  1. Thank you Louise and Robert, also fellow competitors and supporters, for a wonderful Easter Festival. Apparently, we missed some lovely sunshine, who cares?! It was great!

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