NATD Ballroom Qualifier

It was not such an early morning this time as the event was on our doorstep. We ventured to Kirkby in Ashfield for the second NATD qualifier for the Blackpool Tower medallist finals. We had pretty much a full team turnout and although it was essentially an in-house affair it was still good for everyone to gain some “match practice”.

Lessons are vital, of course, but you cannot replicate the effect of getting dressed up in your dance clothes and performing in front of a panel of adjudicators and a knowledgeable audience, which is essential for those looking to do well in competitions.

Naturally everyone managed to qualify and so will be eligible to dance at Blackpool which will be a whole new and exciting experience for some. There were some good performances today with many people raising their game, owhich they will need to do at the Tower, particularly in the couples events where some people had been put together without much practice and still managed to give a good account of themselves. The juveniles especially have some difficult dances to perform and all of them rose to the occasion well.

The highlight of the day was the “all in” Ragtime Swing which was a change partner event and had a real sociable feel to it. Juveniles, juniors and adults all partnered each other and everyone had a smile on their faces as they danced around. The finalist in order of merit were: Jack and Dawn, Craig and Carla, Andrew and Carol, Paige and Allison, Ellie and Karly and Grace and Phoebe. Well done to everyone for entering into the spirit of the event.

Of course Boris and his merry band of bears (and Arabella) were in attendance to lead the cheers and keep a keen eye on proceedings and the support from all the parents and followers was terrific. 

Well done to everyone who came along today, it was a real team effort in which everyone played their part.

We have a slight lull in the competitions over the next few weeks as we work hard for the exams in two weeks before we start again in June and the run up to Blackpool!

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