Examination First

This weekend was an exciting time as we hosted our first examination session at our new studio. Over 170 examinations were taken in the presence of an NATD examiner, starting at 11.45am on Saturday and ending at 6.30pm on Sunday. With a small interlude in between for sleep!

Everyone was exceptionally well turned out as always and were keen to show the examiner what they could do. We had a number who were taking their exams for the first time alongside others who were seasoned campaigners but all rose to the challenge and gave good accounts of themselves. As always there will be those who feel they could have done it better but this all adds to the experience for future occasions. Well done to everyone who took part you are all a credit to the school.

As always Boris was on hand to watch every step and whilst it is a long and tiring weekend for a small bear he does enjoy following everyone’s progress.

With exams out of the way we can start looking forward to Christmas and those joining us for the Christmas Party next Saturday will have the chance to relax and mingle with friends outside of a dance environment. 

We then have the end of term classes after which we take time out to enjoy the festive season with friends and family before the New Year kicks off with Champions of Tomorrow in Blackpool quickly followed by the first ISTD qualifier at Kettering. For those doing the ISTD events next year be aware that there will only be two qualifiers for ballroom and Latin so make sure you plan accordingly.

The Medal Presentation Dance takes place on February 2nd at George Spencer Academy and is a fun filled afternoon with social dancing, demonstrations and of course most importantly, delicious cakes. Friends and family are welcome to come along as is anyone else, even if you don’t have any medals to collect.

2 thoughts on “Examination First”

  1. Thank you for hosting another highly enjoyable medal day, and for dancing with us!
    Sorry Boris, I forgot to say “hello”.

  2. Thanks to Louise for my lessons preparing for the exams. This is a particularly busy time at school for me but I went into the exams feeling well prepared.

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