Poetry in Motion

We were up with the larks and this was the start of the Dancesteps event on the first of March. 

Excited voices and dancing feet, the sound of music with a hip-notic beat.

Pinning numbers, brushing shoes, every dancer hoping to win or improve.  

Louise on the stage, running the event, with calm and expert confidence.

Andrew and Julie sit by her side, doing their part with Louise as a guide.

Preparing to partner were Robert and Ruth, Liam and Luke, making up part of a bigger dance troupe.

Bags of energy was required for this endeavour but I have no doubt it provided them with just as much pleasure.

The little ones first, Oh what a joy! They show such promise those little girls and boys.

Then you could have knocked me down with a feather when Crayg and Robert danced beautifully together.

The sequence section is my favourite thing (along with the make-up, the hair, and the bling!)

Some new partnerships here which were totally inspired and a place in the final we all desired.

Then when we came to the Latin events my breath was taken away by the shining performances of the Paso Doble.

The support of the school is second to none and I personally feel cannot be outdone.

When we dance on the floor those shouts and those cheers are wonderful music to our ears.

Last but not least I must mention Boris. With his little bearfriends (not bare friends), they presided all day and stayed right till the end when it was all packed away.

Whilst writing this gives me time to reflect, I also hope there is a clue or two you might get.

I am proud to be part of the Duesbury Aldred Dance Family and I think this poem may reveal something about me. Now I am wondering if anyone out there knows who I might be.


9 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion”

  1. Chris, I also considered Carla. However Boris was mentioned but not Sybil so the trail went cold on that one. Dawn sprung to mind upon the mention of sequence and she was also at the hall right at the very end packing away her dress sale. So there’s a strong possibility you’re right. I couldn’t decide between Serena and Dawn so I stuck with my initial instinct xx

  2. Dear Mystery blogger. Thank you for takin the time (not thyme) to write (not right) this lovely account of your (not you’re) day.

    I think the mystery blogger is Dawn (assisted by Charlie) 😁

  3. I’ve got a feeling that it might be Catherine. (But I do wonder if Georgina was trying to talk herself out of it on Tuesday night!!)

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