ISTD Sequence Qualifier

We had hardly returned from our break than the team were once again in action. It was the ISTD Sequence Qualifier and Inventive Dance Competition. This is an event which is nice and local for us and although the turnout is often small it does offer a good opportunity for those not already qualified to qualify. In addition it also gives those who have qualified the chance to have some valuable match practice which cannot be gained other than on the competition floor.

With recent events we were expecting a poor turnout, especially with the age profile of many of the regular attendees. We were pleasantly surprised therefore that there was in the end a good audience who don’t normally get to see the medallist competitors in action anywhere else and are very appreciative of seeing some good dancing.

We had a good turnout from the team today and all those who needed to obtained those valuable qualifying slots. Today’s winners were Chloe, Ellie, Isobel, Grace P, Charlotte B, Serena, Andrew and Debbie. Well done to everyone and a big thank you to all who supported the event in these troubled times.

As always we need to thank all our partners, Luke, Liam, Ruth, Grace, Emily and Craig and also Jean and Julie for their assistance during the day. We can’t do it without you.

We were also introduced to the new poster girl (and boy) of the ISTD, Grace and Josh. Next stop Vogue perhaps!

With things as they are it may be some time before we get the chance to go out again but we will keep you informed as we receive information ourselves.

In the meantime it is our intention to remain open, in some form, for the time being and we will communicate our intentions separately as soon as we have more information and the situation is a little clearer.

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