NATD Exam Session

It was good to be back dancing again and finally we managed to hold our NATD exam session yesterday which we had intended to do in December 2020 but which naturally had to be postponed. Our last exams took place in December 2019 and who knew how the world was about to change when we did that?

The session was not quite the same as normal, those who did not have a partner in the same household had to perform on their own with Louise and I dancing alongside, and those who did have a partner danced together. Nevertheless everyone rose to the occasion, coping extremely well with the situation and doing a fantastic job in spite of the many obstacles that we have encountered along the way.

It also gave everyone an opportunity to put our dance clothes and dresses on again, (which in some cases may have “shrunk” since they last saw the light of day!) do hair and make up and generally remember what it used to be like. It was great to see how everyone responded to the situation and hopefully reminded us all of the joy of dancing.

Of course Boris was on hand to support everyone and he was delighted to see what you had all achieved, he thought you were all amazing. He is hoping it won’t be too much longer now before events are permitted and he can be reunited with his bear chums. Colin too was excited especially with the Latin, to see if his isolation demonstrations had had the desired effect!

The examiner was highly complimentary, remarking how well everyone had done and was impressed by the high standard achieved. We are proud of you all and thank you for your continued support and dedication over this difficult period. Let’s hope the worst is now behind us and we can look forward to a brighter future.

2 thoughts on “NATD Exam Session”

  1. Thank you for getting us prepared for a new style of exam and for sorting a very complicated set of pandemic logistics. It was nice to do dances again under a bit of pressure as it always helps me to consolidate everything I have learnt and remind me of the bits I need to spend more time on. Hoping my silver Waltz will make it onto the competition floor soon, it’s a lovely dance!

  2. Thank you Robert & Louise, I really enjoyed it & so glad I did it. Can’t wait for Tuesday lessons & partner dancing & most of all, competitions!

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