Southport Easter Festival

It’s Easter so we must be at Southport for the annual Easter Sequence Festival. Over the three days of competitions we had five couples competing this time. For three of them it was only their third time at this event but all knew better what to expect this time and were ready for the challenge both mentally and physically. Friday saw Andy and Dawn, Dennis and Sue and Neil and Carla all in action with all being recalled to the semi finals with Andy and Dawn making the final. image 7

Saturday saw everyone in action with Andy and Dawn again making the final of their event and Dennis and Sue and Carla and Neil reaching the semi final. Stuart and Andrea were placed 3rd in the senior modern sequence event and Liam and Alex came 2nd in the Latin sequence event.IMG_1125

Sunday was the main day of competitions and once again all couples were in action. Andy and Dawn made the finals of all their events, Dennis and Sue made the final of the modern sequence and intermediate events and Carla and Neil also made the intermediate event final. Stuart and Andrea finished 4th in the Senior Classical Sequnce Championship and Liam and Alex completed a great set of results by winning the Amatuer Classical Sequence Championship once again. Congratulations to you all, you all showed great improvements over last year both in technique and performance.IMG_1131b

With the serious business out of the way it was time for the annual Team Match. This year’s theme was “Famous Families” and we were the Von Trapps. Our team consisted of Louise and I, Liam and Alex, Stuart and Andrea and Neil and Carla and we were up against the Adams Family and the Royal Family. It is always a fun way to end the festival and of course the entertainment is more important than the winning, but of course we all wanted to win and so we did. Again it was a great performance by everyone in the team who entered into the spirit of the event with great enthusiasm.IMG_1137IMG_1156

As we bask in the afterglow of our successes and contemplate what is next we rest assured that next year we will aim to do even better and look forward eagerly to next Easter.IMG_1163

2 thoughts on “Southport Easter Festival”

  1. Well done everyone. A great set of photos as well, although I think Maria would have been in far more trouble with that set of nuns, especially the one with the stubble. Hope Joey Essex didn’t miss the shorts that Robert borrowed.

  2. What a great weekend you all must of had. You all look fabulous !!!
    Congratulations to all of you who took part and your marvellous results.
    Can’t wait to see the Von Trapps routine :))

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