Dancesteps Competition – West Park

Yesterday saw us all making the short trip to West Park for the first of our two annual competitions. A report on the day will follow shortly from our mystery blogger but just a few headlines and thanks to give.

Firstly, as always, everyone was immaculately turned out and the support was terrific. We had 44 competitors including some dancing with us for the first time: Andrew, Kathryn, Heather, Shanae, Ellie and Charlotte Brightwell. Of these Ellie, Kathryn and Charlotte won one of their events so congratulations to all of you. We had 40 first places overall as well as some stand out performances where people perhaps exceeded their expectations. There were just too many to mention you all by name however, but well done to you all.

In the couples events there were some first time partnerships who also won their events so congratulations to Isobel & Grace S and Molly & Miriam.

We had some new additions to the Bears Brigade, who were magnificently attired for the occasion and thoroughly enjoyed their first outing.IMG_2001

In the final analysis it was just an all round great team effort, the dancers, supporters, teachers and helpers. There was a great atmosphere and it wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you all and don’t forget the next competition is on 11th June followed closely by our own event on June 25th. Make sure you don’t miss out.

p.s. Boris has asked me to let you know how very proud he is to be associated with you all and looks forward to the next outing!!

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  1. Well done everyone, it was a lovely day. Well done to Molly you were great on your individual dance.

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