Wonderful Wakefield

We have just returned from a lovely day at Wakefield. It was an additional event, not on the original calendar, providing an extra opportunity to practise or qualify for Blackpool Grand Finals in November.

With a number of people unable to adjust their original plans, we were a select team. The day started with children’s ballroom and Latin events. Everyone made their final in ballroom individuals with a win for Jack in tango. Second places for Kaitlyn and also Isobel in their Waltz events. Third places for Luke, Grace S, fourth for Chloe and fifth places for Ellie and Shanae. In the Latin individual events, Chloe and Jack won their events, Kaitlyn achieved another second. Third places to Luke, Isobel and Grace S and a 5th place for Shanae. Luke & Chloe danced the quickstep and Paso Doble in couples and came second in both.

We then moved onto the sequence events In the juvenile sequence was Chloe, Isobel, Kaitlyn and Ellie. They all danced well and got recalled to the semi final then Chloe and Isobel went one round further, to make the final. Chloe coming third and Isobel fifth. Grace S, Shanae and Jack all performed in the junior final. Jack coming an excellent fourth and Grace S in her first junior event coming fifth.

It was then fun time, today the theme was cha cha cha in ‘baby shark’ style. Everyone entered into it enthusiastically. With several rounds and many recalls, the overall winners were Kaitlyn with her Mum Jemma. Very well done. You could see where the girls get their natural rhythm from!

It was then time for the adults section, with sequence first. Everyone danced well, taking the opportunity to try out a few things they had been working on in the training room. There was a lovely atmosphere created by some good music and enthusiastic support which encouraged all dancers to lift their game. I saw so many happy, smiling dancers today.

For the record the results were as follows :-
Under 35yrs sequence – first place to Josh & fifth to Charlotte B. Over 35yrs sequence – first place to Serena  & second place to Chris. Over 50yrs sequence – second place to Andy & third place to Allison.

Dancing in the adult ballroom individual events were Charlotte B, Karly, Chris, Serena, Josh, Allison, Andy and new to ISTD events Rosalind. I’m delighted to be able to record that they all won their respective ballroom event. We almost, but not quite, replicated this in the Latin individual events.

In the couples events Chris and Serena won both their Quickstep and Paso Doble. We then had a couple of impromptu pairings of Karly & Charlotte B and Andy & Allison who very impressively had a quick practise in Quickstep, Tango and Rumba respectively to put on a fine show and win their events.

Thank you to those who went the ‘extra mile’ to attend today. It was a nice friendly relaxed event  at the same time giving some important match practice before Blackpool. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and hope those attending as either dancers or spectators agree.

Next on the calendar are two couples events, one for sequence and then Whitby, which is always a lovely weekend. Then it will be ‘full steam’ ahead to Blackpool.

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  1. A really lovely competition. Lots of room on the floor to practise ongoing technique improvements, great music and a small but very lively crowd. Nice to have a competition post Summer, pre Blackpool.

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