Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do I need a partner?

A – No a partner is not necessary. People are welcome to join us either alone, as a couple or a group. Certain dance styles like Line Dancing do not require a partner. If you join for example a ballroom and latin class where dancing is in pairs, then we will suggest people ‘partner up’ based upon the other class members


Q – What clothing should I wear?

A – We recommend light clothing which will not restrict your movement and you may wish to wear layers of clothing as you can get quite warm when you start to dance


Q – What should I wear on my feet?

A – Can we please ask you to wear a clean and dry pair of shoes. We find that boots and trainers are best avoided (unless you are Line Dancing) and ladies, we recommend not too high a heel and a shoe which provides some support to the foot and ankle.

Whilst dancing shoes are available for purchase for both Men and Ladies it is not essential to make this investment on Day 1.


Q – Do I have to have a regular lesson?

A – Some people have regular lesson times each week. Other people book a lesson when they can fit it around their busy lifestyles. The choice is yours.


Q – How long are the classes?

A – Class lengths vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Please enquire about the specific class you are interested in.


Q – How long do lessons last?

A – Lessons are booked in 15 minute slots. When starting out people usually have 30 – 45 minutes.


Q – I can dance already but I’m looking for a new challenge, what can you offer?

A – We offer a range of dance styles so you might like to try something you haven’t done before. Alternatively, you could develop your current style by improving your technique, increasing your choreography or even taking medals or entering competitions.


Q – Do you do the dance styles that I’ve seen on ‘ Strictly Come Dancing’ ?

A – Please see the dance styles section to see the different styles we offer.

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