Sequence Festival

The team was out in force for the annual Sequence Medallist event organised by the ISTD. For some it was another opportunity to qualify for the Blackpool grand finals and of those still needing to qualify I am delighted to report that Iris, Karen C, Hazel, Sarah D, Elizabeth and Luke all managed to achieve just that with both Iris and Elizabeth winning their respective events.IMG_1220a

The classical sequence events came first and there were winning performances from Molly, Chris, Serena, Josh and Elizabeth, for whom this was her first competition for over 2 years so a welcome return to the fold. Molly, Grace P and Olivia took 1st, 2nd and 3rd a feat they repeated in both the modern and Latin sequence sections although Olivia came 2nd and Grace P 3rd in the later event. Elizabeth, Allison, Karen H, Andy, Neil and Christine completed a clean sweep of the final in over 35 years event which also had the largest entry of the day.

The Junior and Juvenile couples followed with a very respectable 5th for Leila and Miriam against some experienced opposition. Molly and Emily S came 3rd in the Tango Serida and Grace P and Olivia came 4th again dancing against seasoned competitors.

In the modern sequence events again we had a clean sweep, with Elizabeth, Karen H, Allison, Andy, Iris and Neil completing the final of the over 35 years bronze/silver event. Chris and Hazel came 1st and 2nd respectively in their event as did Christine and Serena. Grace S Leila and Miriam all made their final and Karly (who was a first timer at this event) backed up her 5th in the Classical with a 4th in the modern sequence and a respectable 3rd in the Latin sequence.

The New York Quickstep event for the under 40 years couples was next and this dance is a recent addition to the Championship list for open competitors and so provided a challenge for some of our dancers. Nevertheless Josh and Lydia, Craig and Charlotte and Paul and Karen took up the challenge and aquitted themselves very well with Josh and Lydia being placed a highly creditable 4th.

The highly contested three dance events followed and making the final of the Junior section were Grace P, Molly and Emily S and Paul and Josh made the final of the under 35  years event. In the over 35 years section, Karen H was placed 1st with Serena and Neil 2nd and 3rd. Carla came 5th and Chris 6th. Christine won the over 50 years section followed by Allison in 2nd, Andy in 4th and Dennis 5th.

The Latin section was the last section of the day and Luke led the way with an excellent 1st place in his Jive. Christine completed a near perfect day for her with another 1st in her section and Karen H took 1st in her event which also saw Elizabeth, Allison, Andy, Dennis and Carla filling the remaining final places. Whilst Charlotte and Leila and Chris took 2nd places in their respective events.

The final event of the day was the over 40 years Paso Petite competition and since only 7 couples entered (all from our school) it’s no surprise that we took all 7 places in the final. Nevertheless it was a good way to end the day and well done to all the couples who took part, especially those who formed impromtu parterships in order to be able to take part (Hazel and Karen C, Chris and Christine and Geraldine and Iris). The top three places were taken by Neil and Carla in 1st, Andy and Dawn 2nd and Dennis and Sue 3rd.

Of course we must thank all the partners for their invaluable assistance: Luke, Ruth, Alex and Liam as well as those who took up partnering duties alongside competing themselves: Karen H, Josh, Emily S, Grace P, Molly and Paul. Finally a big thank you to those members of the school who assited in helping the day run smoothly, particularly Jean and Maria.

The dust will harldy have settled before our next big event which will be our own competition on June 21st. Make sure you don’t miss it – Boris will be taking note!!!


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