Following on from an exhausting day the week before some of our intrepid dancers were once again in action at the Supadance Championships, a pretigious sequence event held at the lovely Walsall Town Hall. Liam and Alex and Stuart and Andrea were in action in the Amatuer and Senior Classical Sequence Championships respectively. I am pleased to report that Liam and Alex won their event and Stuart and Andrea were placed third, a position they also secured in their Modern Sequence event.

Andy & Dawn, Neil & Carla and Dennis & Sue were all in action too and all three couples made the final of their Modern Sequence event against a strong field.

Andy & Dawn and Neil & Carla also made their Classical Sequence final with Andy & Dawn finishing 3rd and Neil & Carla 5th. In the Open Saunter Together event Andy & Dawn and Dennis & Sue both made the final finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

Everyone rose to the occasion and gave a great performance with some noticeable improvements. Well done to you all.

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