Strictly George Spencer Season 3

IMG_1439Once again we introduced eight students and four members of staff from George Spencer Academy to the world of Ballroom dancing. They receive 45 minutes of training for 10 weeks and are expected to learn 3 routines. The contestants this year were: Staff, Phillippa, Jane, Adam and John whilst the students were: Emily, Emma, Kerryn, Emily, Hayden, Ethan, Archie and Fenton. This was the first time that we had had two brothers (Hayden and Ethan) involved and no doubt there would be some sibling rivalry. John had been involved in the two previous events but as the sound and lighting technician but having been so taken with it previously decided he would like to particpate this time.

Once again the hall was packed to capacity and the audience were treated to a fantastic show with everyone performing to levels they had not previously attained, lifted by the enthusiastic crowd.

This year the standard was extremely high with almost everyone having the potential to reach the final and this gave our Judges, Claire, Andrew and Mary a real headache in selecting the six that would go through.

The selected six were Emily, Emma, Emily, Phillippa, Hayden and Ethan and they were all potential winners. Dancing once again in the final all six performed brilliantly and surpassed their previous performances. In the end the audience voted the winner as Hayden partnered by Lydia who also scored a maximum of 30 from the judges.IMG_1444

Of course all the contestants were winners in the end having been inspired to achieve something beyond what they thought possible. The event continues to be a resounding success both with George Spencer and our own dance school and we can’t wait for next year.

A huge thank you to all who were involved particularly: Chris for his organisation and continued committment to the project inspite of no longer being at George Spencer, Debbie for picking up many of the administrative tasks which Chris could no longer perform and acting as liaison with the school, all the staff, FROGS and students at George Spencer who help the event run smoothly and professionally, the sponsors and of course our Judges.

Most of all however, thank you to our partners: Luke, Liam, Alex, Karen, Paul, Neil, Lydia, Josh, Emily, Molly, Grace, Craig who give up their time to come along to training and also on the night. Thank you for your committment, dedication and conduct, we are proud to have you representing our dance school and helping to introduce others to the fantastic world of ballroom dancing.

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  1. This was the first time we’ve been able to attend a Strictly George Spencer and we can’t wait to go to another! What a thoroughly entertaining evening. HUGE congratulations to everyone involved. You should all be very proud of yourselves on putting on such a professional evening.

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