ISTD Sequence Festival

After a period of respite with not much happening on the competition front we have a busy period ahead with two competitions in June and one in July. The first event was the ISTD Sequence Festival at Long Eaton which attracted dancers from all over the country. There was a good turnout and a busy day lay ahead on a very warm and humid day.

We had nearly a full turnout although a few regulars were missing due to holidays and as usual everyone was immaculately turned out. Everyone was determined to give their very best, which they did, whether this was in pursuit of a first position, final position or simply to improve their performances under pressure. There were at least seven dances for each to perform and some of the routines proved quite challenging, nevertheless everyone attacked them with their usual energy and enthusiasm.

There were many personal triumphs but giving winning performances this time out were: Luke, Leila, Molly, Grace P, Emily, Karen H and Serena. Most won more that one of their events but special mention must go to Serena who won all four of her individual events.

Other notable results were in the over 35 years to bronze section where we had the first three places with Carla and Sue taking 2nd and 3rd in both the Classical and Modern Sequence sections. This feat also occurred in the over 50 years silver and above Modern Sequence section with Andy and Dawn taking 2nd and 3rd.IMG_1670

The highlight of this event is the Three Dance Sequence competitions for Blackpool which are split between those who have qualified already and those who are yet to qualify. In the former category Luke and Miriam danced in the juvenile section and despite one of the largest entries of the day both reached the final and were placed 4th and 2nd respectively, a great performance. Grace S came 3rd in the juvenile section of those who had already qualified.

In the junior section Leila and Molly both reached the final being placed 3rd and 4th and in the under 35 years event (the largest entry of the day and possibly one of the most keenly contested) Grace P (2nd) , Emily (3rd) and Josh (5th) all reached the final, a great performance. In the over 35 years section Serena was placed 1st with Karen H 2nd, Carla 3rd, Neil 6th and Chris 7th. In the over 50 years section (another large entry) Sue surprised herself by coming 2nd with Dawn 3rd, Andy 4th, Christine 5th IMG_1669and Dennis 7th. Well done to you all. With all the excitement the bears decided to see how many bears it would take to build a pyramid, can you guess?

All in all then a great day for the whole team and thanks go once again to our partners, Luke, Ruth, Claire, Alex, Liam, Karen H, Emily, Molly and Josh and of course our fabulous supporters.

With only two weeks break we move swiftly onto the next event which is our own competition. Don’t miss it. There may also be another mystery blogger!!!

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