The Mystery Blogger Writes Again

‘Brrr! – it’s cold out there’ – a phrase I heard more than once during the morning.

Okay, the weather was bitterly cold, but all thoughts of snow and ice soon melted away as the dancers began their warm-up routines. Once again, The Duesbury Aldred Dance Centre was pleased to open its doors and welcome those who battled the bleak weather: dancers, judges and supporters all. Nerves were clearly visible at the start – as is usual at these competitions – but after the first steps, the dancers began to relax and looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

As I looked out over the dance floor, I was amazed to see how quickly the younger dancers have grown up – juveniles to juniors, juniors to young adults. The adult dancers don’t seem to look any older of course (including me!) When I think back to the first competition that Robert and Louise ran, I can see how much the Duesbury Aldred dance family has grown. Of the many faces present, some remain the same but now dance in a different category, while others – young and old – are just getting started on the competition circuit.

The individual schools appeared to have mustered considerable support, both from fellow dancers and non-dancers who had simply turned up for the joy of watching a grand day of dancing. Audience participation lifted spirits considerably – enabling dancers to give that bit extra and to ‘Reach for the stars’ – a pleasant escape from their ‘9 to 5’ jobs.

Although not quite ‘Strictly’, the dancers were beautifully dressed and attired – attributes that served to compliment their dancing, which was a joy to watch. There were some impressive solo performances given by Geraldine and Neil (and of course their partners). I think they were very brave to do this and certainly deserved their 1st place!

I’m sure that the dancers would agree when I say that ‘Partners’ deserve special thanks for their efforts – both before and during the main events. ‘Partnering’ is quite an exhausting job, yet somehow they seem to find the energy to keep going – so, well done to them!

Finally, we have the MEDAL PRESENTATIONS! Beaming faces and big smiles for the cameras – especially as the little ones received their trophies. Doesn’t it just melt your heart!

After all the hard work and preparation, I felt quite exhausted, but I look forward to doing it all over again in June – see you there! :o)

10 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Writes Again”

  1. Nice read. Hope all the Dance school members have enjoyed their well earned break. See you all soon.
    MB – Julie Taylor?

  2. I think it’s the little bear (possibly Boris’ girlfriend sat in front of Louise on the stage – unless that’s Boris! It’s clearly been a long day for our little friend as they appear to be having a sleep during the presentations (zoom in on photos).

    1. Well it is clearly someone who has been with us from early days so I was going to suggest Jean Brown, However the writer seems to say that they were dancing at this event so, perhaps not. I am also wondering who might use the expression “a grand day of dancing” (and no Hazel that’s not me). I don’t think Geraldine would write about her and Neil being brave and deserving (though yes, they were). Could it be Karen Hoskin? or maybe Ruth Brown? My guess is Ruth.

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